Protect Those Around Us By Getting Your Child Vaccinated

Protect Those Around Us By Getting Your Child Vaccinated

It’s time now to get your child vaccinated. The FDA and CDC have approved the COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5-11 years. Online appointments can be made, so most people should be able to get at least one dose now.

Some parents remain hesitant about giving their children vaccines.

Myocarditis is a concern for some, even though it is rare and mainly affects young men in their 20s and 30s. However, it is worth noting that most myocarditis cases were minor and resolved with anti-inflammatories.… Read More

Eco-Friendly Products To Help Save The Environment

Save The Environment By Using Eco-Friendly Products

Using eco-friendly products is necessary to protect the environment. While the immediacy of weather change remains a partisan issue in 2020, it’s decisively entered the mainstream conversation. Up 44 percent from 2009, six-in-ten Americans said in a poll last month that global climate change is a significant threat to the nation. This past year, Time’s Person of the Year was 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, an internationally known environmental activist.

Though more Americans say protecting the environment and dealing with global climate change ought to be the main priorities for the president and Congress — and the vast majority of them see at least some regional effects of climate change — it remains a profoundly partisan matter. This means grassroots efforts and individual activities take on increased Read More

Gifts That Give Back For The Whole Family


If you’re anything like us, you’re in a constant tug-o-war with the gift-giving dilemma. We like to send an acknowledgment and show support, but we also want to avoid giving yet another item that will find itself in the wastebasket or donation pile weeks or months afterward.

While the key to much of our emission and waste reduction can only be consuming smarter, consuming less can be a step in the right direction. The sentiment behind a present is precisely what we focus on. And thinking about the effects of gifts long before and then the first box opening can make that idea all the more appreciated. Bearing this in mind, the celebratory time of gift-giving may be a chance to share some of those … Read More

Tips For Developing Healthy Habits In Children

Healthy Habits

Parents and guardians alike can help their children develop healthy habits at an early stage in their life so that they can enjoy the long term benefits associated with them.

Being active and eating well is essential for human health and can go a long way in helping children achieve their future goals and aspirations.  Parents and guardians can encourage their children to evaluate their physical activity habits as well as their food choices. The following are just a few guidelines and tips on how to go about it.… Read More

How To Keep Your Family Safe During The Coronavirus Pandemic


Prevent Getting Sick From The Coronavirus

You can take action to protect yourself and others during a COVID-19 outbreak.

  • The coronavirus is supposed to spread mainly from person to person.
  • The most effective way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.
  • Know there’s presently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

How Coronavirus Spreads

1. Person-To-Person Spread

The most common way of transmission is supposed to spread person-to-person.  Among people who are in close contact with each other (within around 6 feet).

The respiratory droplets come out when an infected individual sneezes or coughs.  These droplets can enter into the mouths or noses of individuals who are nearby or possibly be inhaled into the lungs.… Read More

How To Switch To Eco-Friendly Appliances In Your Home


To keep using what you have is an environmentally conscious way of thinking however, it does not apply to home appliances. Older appliances use more energy and water than newer appliances. Donate ineffective appliances to individuals for whom they are an improvement (or recycle them) and find Energy Star-certified substitutes.

The U.S. Department of Energy now wants producers of major home appliances to have their products tested for energy efficiency. The test’s outcome is displayed on yellow-and-black EnergyGuide labels, which record how much power the appliance takes and what the yearly operating costs may be.

Appliances with EnergyGuide results in the top 25% are awarded the Energy Star label. Devices that have received an Energy Star rating may cost more than those that have … Read More

Start Using Safer Non-Toxic Bakeware for Your Family

Children using safe bakeware

Do you love baking? Who doesn’t love muffins? The aroma and taste are just too good!

If you look at the tools used in baking, you will find that everything is non-stick. But now, knowing the fact that the non-stick utensils are toxic, many of us have eliminated all non-stick bakeware and cookware from our home.

However, what should you use instead? We have created a buying guide for up to eight non-toxic bakeware alternatives that are best to improve the wellbeing of your family.… Read More

Which DNA Ancestry Test Is Best For Families?

researching dna testing

If you want to understand your family lineage, a DNA test is the best way to go. Some people may think that they do not have many, but the truth is that there are plenty of them out there. Some people also lack knowledge about their ancestry and rely on stories passed through generations.

Your ancestry’s oral history is unreliable, and it can give you a false impression that you belong to another race. With a DNA test, you get accurate information about your ancestry. You can also build a family tree to find other distant relatives that you never knew existed.

There are three different types of DNA testing one should research, and MyFamilyDNATest’s recent comparison of Ancestry, FTDNA, and 23AndMe is a great … Read More

Should We Trust At-Home Family DNA Testing For Hereditary Diseases?

family tree

DNA tests are more popular then ever with families. There are many people that will give them as gifts over the holiday season. All we have to do is create a sample of saliva, seal it in a bag and send it back to the DNA testing company.

Before long, the results come back and we learn a little more about ourselves. For many, this is a fun chance to learn about ancestry. We can follow family lines and dig up traces of ethnic lines we thought were impossible. Yet, there is now another side to family DNA testing. We can now test for signs of hereditary disease. What can families really learn from these tests. Also, is this something we should expose our families … Read More

Best Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Baby Toys For Boys And Girls

Bio Friendly Toy- Rubber Teething

Eco-Friendly Toys For Boys And Girls

The importance of non-toxic baby toys or eco-friendly toys is something that parents value a lot as consumers. Kids want something pleasant to teethe on, but there is more to it than that. More accurately, parents want something safe enough for children to teeth on while babies have just enough of the sensations.

It can be difficult to choose toys that are enjoyable, safe and reliable at this young age. This guide to non-toxic baby toys will look at teething toys in three necessary materials. That is then followed by some appealing toys for boys and girls.

Three Of The Best Non-Toxic Baby Toys For Teething

Bio Friendly Toys For Boys

Teething rings and related toys are an important part of a child’s development. … Read More

Tips For Selecting Safer Toys For Your Children

Safer Or Bio Friendly Toys

 Bio Friendly Toys Are Safe For Children

All parents want to be able to buy nothing but the safest toys for their kids. There is always a little nagging voice at the back of our heads questioning the hidden dangers of certain toys. We wonder what damage they could cause while our backs are turned?

 How do we make sure that we find safer toys for our children? There are many tips and tricks that parents can use to ensure that our children receive nothing but the best for their playrooms. That guide looks at some of the key things to avoid while discussing issues with different age groups.

The First Concern Comes With Our Babies And They Toys They Put In Their Mouths

It … Read More

Tips To Get Rid Of Recalled Toys

Bio-Friendly Toys

As much as your kid needs to play as a developmental necessity, they need to be safe as well. Any toy they play with that violates the safety of your child needs to be on the recalled toys list when you buy your baby a toy that later poses a safety risk to your child due to a manufacturing defect.

It is only fair that the toy is taken back to the toy store and get compensation for your troubles, and this is what you deal with in recalled toys. The emphasis is not on the payment aspect but on the issue of safe toys for your child.

The process behind recalled products may vary depending on various matters, such as local … Read More

10 Eco-Friendly Play Kitchens For Your Children

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

A play kitchen set is an excellent combination of toys that engage children in proactive play especially on matters of cooking. Play kitchens entail toy sets created in an imitation of kitchenware made for children of both genders. Some parents might not be informed of the significance of a play kitchen to their children.

There are, however, numerous significant factors of the play kitchen to your baby’s development. For starters, they get to develop their motor skills as they role-play activities that take place in the kitchen. There is also the aspect of self-expression in an environment where they get to portray what they learn passively from the adults in their lives.

They also get to tap into their imagination and … Read More

Features Of Safe Toys To Buy For Your Children

Safe Toys

Safe Toys For Your Children

Having fun and playing around are the only other things children do when they are not crying, sleeping or feeding. Just like those other children activities, playing is a necessary developmental aspect, meant for both physical and mental growth of the child. It, however, goes without saying that every child fancy’s a toy to play with and every child has their preference when it comes to what they find pleasing for this particular activity.

Due to this fact therefore among many others irrelevant to this piece, there are a whole lot of toys made in numerous shapes and sizes meant for the developing children. The choices are too many that most parents do not know what to pick from … Read More