10 Eco-Friendly Play Kitchens For Your Children

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

A play kitchen set is an excellent combination of toys that engage children in proactive play especially on matters of cooking. Play kitchens entail toy sets created in an imitation of kitchenware made for children of both genders. Some parents might not be informed of the significance of a play kitchen to their children.

There are, however, numerous significant factors of the play kitchen to your baby’s development. For starters, they get to develop their motor skills as they role-play activities that take place in the kitchen. There is also the aspect of self-expression in an environment where they get to portray what they learn passively from the adults in their lives.

They also get to tap into their imagination and creativity as they play adult roles, social skills, as well as meaningful connections, are made as the children share their toys and most importantly children are encouraged to embrace the art of cooking.

It is, nonetheless, not enough to consider getting your child a play kitchen without taking into account one crucial detail, eco-friendliness. An Eco-friendly play kitchen set is an essential consideration for matters about the environment and your baby as well.

Play kitchens made of polyvinyl chloride materials which characteristically contain lead paint. That is in a scenario where your children are playing pretending to be having a meal and happen to put toy forks into their mouths, they are immediately exposed to the risk of lead poisoning, and there are more toxic risks that your child would be exposed to if they play with non-eco-friendly play kitchens.

The following is a list of ten plywood free eco-friendly toy kitchen sets with their price ranges as acquired from the web page growingagreenfamily.com. Note that the price ranges are in descending criteria, the main idea being an invisible trap for you to get to read about what you would be missing out on in case you are the type that goes straight for the cheap ones.

1. Amish Play-Kitchen Stove And Refrigerator ($490 Each)

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The price of getting your child this eco-friendly play kitchen as it is would almost cost you the same for an espresso machine or a vacuum cleaner on Amazon. Before you dismiss this play kitchen as too expensive for a toy, though, it is important that you understand the significance of the pricing.

The AmishKitchen set is all made of well-grown hardwood, hardened and dried using a domestic kiln. Its structure entails mortise and tenon joinery which also happens to be board-particle free, zero veneers and MDF-free, all these indications of how beautiful and safe for your child this eco-friendly play kitchen is. As an added characteristic, this play set is handmade and quite durable which makes it a perfect heirloom for generations.

2. Gluckskafer Wooden Play-Kitchen With Top +Fridge ($450)

The beautiful curvy design of the Gluckskafer Wooden Play Kitchen makes its high pricing all worth it. The play kitchen created using Linden tree and non-toxic water-based paintings. There are features of this play kitchen that contribute to its beautiful design.

A removable stainless steel insert, cute little wooden faucet knobs for the cabinet, which has a spacious room to store small play kitchen utensils. It also entails a pretty little sink on the side of the enclosure and an oven and a stove on the other side where the children can play pretend to be cooking and baking.

3. Heartwood Natural Toys Play-Kitchen Set ($400)

Eco-friendly Kitchen Toys

This Eco-friendly kitchen set has a great value for money despite its expense. Created from pine and installed with paduak burners this toy kitchen has the long lasting characteristic. It entails a beautiful design of its kitchen and fridges all available in blue enamel and stainless steel sink options not to forget its small cute walnut or poplar faucets.

The whole combination of materials that form its construction is quite the eco-friendly mix, these include; zero plastic, no MDF, perfect zero paint, no plywood, and all the knobs, as well as a faucet, moves attached using lock nuts and bolts. Its smooth design which entails rounded over as well as sanded corners that give this play kitchen both the beauty and the safety points that make it worth your money.

4. Camden Rose A Beautiful Hearth ($290)

This play kitchen comes in a flat package to conserve space, which would take you a few minutes to assemble; think of it as a time to connect with your child both literally and figuratively. The Camden Hearth is a quality play kitchen constructed without any soft pine, plywood or pressboard.

This eco-friendly play kitchen’s structure consists of; swivel faucets, beautiful functioning door knobs, and a removable high gauge sink made from stainless steel. These accessories in conjunction with the cute and non-toxic creative design make this play kitchen the kind that lasts for generations.

5. Willow Toys Play-Kitchen ($215)

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The Willow Toys Play-Kitchen is a handmade play kitchen constructed entirely from Hampshire white pine combined with a lemongrass and lime finish which gives out a relaxing sensation. This toy kitchen is characterized by; real and removable meat bowls which make them easy to clean, a stove with a durable fiberglass window and turning doorknobs. All these to enhance your child’s imaginative play as they play and observe their meals cooking.

6. Plan Toys Kitchen Centre ($179)

The Plan Toys toy company which is responsible for creating this toy kitchen. It has proven to be quite an ethical and eco-friendly company as seen by its toys, especially the Play Toys Kitchen Centre. This beautiful play kitchen set which consists of natural rubberwood made from the rubber trees. That naturally grow without any additives such as fertilizer. It also includes a kiln drying process that is free from chemicals which go without saying makes this the most eco-friendly play kitchen on the list. Given the design quality of this Eco-friendly play kitchen in comparison to its price. It makes the Play Toys play kitchen set quite affordable.

7. Picnik Duo Kitchen ($150)

This toy kitchen has quite the variety of the game kitchenware ranging from; oven range hood, a stovetop, kitchen sink, and side table. A stool on the side for play serving. Four piece dinner sets, cooking utensils including a saucepan and spoons. Also, an oven and a stove have ignition buttons. On its eco-friendly characteristic, this play kitchen made from lotus wood has child safe finishes plus it has quite the eye-catching color combinations.

8. The Little Kitchen ($100)

The portability of this toy kitchen is one of its most distinct features. Despite its cute portable size it still has managed to entail significant kitchen features such as; four burners and an oven, a removable sink bowl made from stainless steel, and handles meant for its portability. It’s Eco-friendly play kitchen structure, on the other hand, includes, solid pine, solid red oak for the burners and a beeswax finish.

9. Janod Chic Maxi Cooker ($100)

The Janod Chic Maxi Cooker is a French designed play kitchen made from the lotus wood. Its features include;

  • An oven installed with opening doors and turning control dials,
  • A stainless-steel sink to hold water,
  • Two burners featuring twisty knobs,
  • An opening cupboard with plenty of shelf storage, a
  • Stylish wooden clock with movable hands as well as cute birds to top off all the charm.

This toy kitchen is not only efficient in its features that form a more realistic kitchen playset. But are also beautiful to look at, a feature of any French design.

10. Plan Activity Kitchen Center ($63)

This Eco-friendly toy play kitchen set entails plain wood, which is a recycled wooden product made out of leftover factory rubberwood. This play set is characterized by; a double-burner stove-top, a dishwashing unit, oven, food preparation area, sink, cooking utensils holder and storage for kitchen supplies. It goes without saying that the materials that make this play kitchen are the reason behind its low price it is, however, quite the cute design that makes every penny spent on it worth it.

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