Some Of 2016’s Best Eco-Friendly Toys

Bio Friendly Toys

Bio Friendly Toys For Kids

There are many ways to go a little greener in life. We can watch our energy consumption, watch our use of materials and only make sure to respect the natural world. It is important to teach this message to children at a young age. That is best achieved by providing them with durable, attractive eco-friendly toys. This guide will look at Magic Cabin approved  Bio Friendly toys for girls and boys at different prices ranges.

The first set of eco-friendly toys may be on the pricey side. However, it is worth paying a little more for a toy that you know will last. These toys are good for the environment in the way that they reduce waste and use great natural materials.

1) 1-2-3 Grow With Me:

Eco Friendly Toys for Kids

The 1-2-3 element of the name of this transportation device refers to the three different functions. This is a walker, then a scoot-along rider and then a more practical buggy once kids turn 3. It is easily adjusted, and children can adapt the buggy to their creative needs. There are plastic wheels for durability, but the rest is a natural wood.

2) Moover Wooden Rocking Horse:

A rocking horse is a great traditional toy for babies. This adjustable wooden model comes in a natural or red scheme with a Danish approach. Parents can shift the fixtures as children grow so that it remains beneficial. This means that this expensive model is a long-term investment in eco-friendly toys.

3) Moover Wooden Dump Truck:

Bio Friendly Toys - Wooden Truck

This second Moreover product takes a similar approach with is the use of natural or redwood on a fun moving toy. This is for older children with the motor skills and imagination to make the most of the theme. Again the natural materials are durable and long lasting, unlike plastic alternatives.

Sometimes It Is Necessary To Opt For Eco-Friendly Toys That Are A Little Cheaper For A Treat For Good Behavior.

1) Wool Felt Owls And House Set:

Bio Friendly House Set

It doesn’t get much more straightforward than this set of felt owls. This is a great way of teaching young children about protecting nature. They are responsible for seven, cute, colorful owls and there is a home to keep them safe in. This set is 100% wool and is portable for trips away.

2) Solid Alder Element Sculptural Blocks:

Building blocks are a staple part of a young child’s developmental play. These blocks go beyond the usual shapes with tactile models that represent fire, rainbow, stone and water elements. This helps them to be creative while connecting with the natural world. These solid alder wood blocks use natural dyes for the strong colors.

3) Hand Sign Alphabet:

ECO Friendly Toys

This wooden set is a completely different from your standard ABC kit for two reasons. The first is that this it is sustainable Plan Wood painted with non-toxic vegetable dyes. The second is that the letters have a corresponding picture for American Sign Language. This is a thoughtful gift for children who are friends with deaf children and an alternative side of eco-friendly toys.

4) Wooden Fishing Set:

This guide includes the last of these cheaper items simply because it is cute. The set contains a wooden fishing rod and a set of colorful fish to lure into the line. There are no electronic elements or clever tricks. All kids need are the magnets and some imagination.

Girly Eco-Friendly Toys For Creative Play

Next, we come to a set of eco-friendly toys and other items designed to please little girls. These different items offer long-lasting, well-made goods that help girls explore and develop. Boys are welcome to play too, but they are traditionally made for girls.

1) Winter Cloak:

Bio Friendly Winter Cloak

Dressing-up materials are a crucial part of development and creative play for little girls. However, this doesn’t mean that they need a disposable, unethical costume. The Winter cloak in the snowflake blue is a great way of pretending to be a princess in a winter wonderland. This cloak is 100% cotton and made to last beyond the holiday season.

2) Deluxe Kitchen Special:

Toy kitchens have been an important part of imagination play for girls for decades. This wooden model is a traditional model made from birch plywood. This makes it one of the more attractive, durable and eco-friendly toys. There is also great attention to detail in the moving parts and 12 piece dinner set.

3) Cash Register:

Cash Register : Bio Friendly Toy

This wooden cash register works in a similar way. It provides all the tools and features needed for creative play in a durable, attractive wooden model. There is a small cell battery required – nothing requiring much power – for some elements. It has a digital display for the working calculation and an audible scanner.

4) Set Of 6 Fairy Fingermajigs:

This set of puppets takes us back to the cheap, portable toys for simple entertainment. These cute wooden characters have a button on their base that triggers a movement. The fun detail here is that the movement is not pre-determined, which adds a sense of fairy mischief.

Finally, There Are The Eco-Friendly Toys For Boys

The final group of eco-friendly toys looks at models that are typically favored by boys. Again, there is no reason why girls can’t enjoy these models too. The following shows that an engaging boy’s toy doesn’t have to be an electronic, plastic model that breaks easily.

1) Plan Toys Mini Golf:

Bio Friendly Mini Golf Toy

This wooden mini golf kit lets boys head out into the great outdoors to emulate their relatives on the green. There are two small clubs, two balls, and three different tracks to master between the tee and the hole. The simple set up encourages problem solving and creativity.

2) 6 Wooden Wind-Up Trucks:

Toy trucks are a staple toy for any little boy. These wooden models are appealing because they are so cute, durable and diverse in their designs. There are six vehicles here – a bulldozer, a cement truck, a crane, a roller, a recycling truck. Each has a moving part to enhance creative play.

3) 25 -Piece Carpenters Essential Set:

Carpenters Set - Bio Friendly Toys

This is another of these eco-friendly toys for dressing up and copying male role models. This box of tools has child-friendly models of everything that kids will recognize. The complexity of the set is impressive, and there is an excellent adjustable tool belt too.

4) Dino-Mite Volcano Playset:

We had the felt owls near the beginning and now we have groups of plush dinosaurs. The premise is pretty similar as there are six various creatures and a place to house them. The volcano and dinosaurs are more appealing to boys, and the materials are much nicer than those on cheap, plastic products.

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