6 Great Companies For 2016 Holiday Gifts

Bio Friendly Toys For Kids

6 Best Sources Of Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts That Kids Will Love

The holiday season of 2016 is right around the corner, and it is time for parents to consider their gifts. Many are looking to find holiday gifts that are bio-friendly or Eco-friendly, durable, and a lot of fun. This seems like a tricky task, but there are some great green gift options out there if you know where to look.

The following 6 brand choices offer some exciting and beautiful toys:

1) Plan Toys Wooden Models

Bio Friendly Wooden House Model

Plan Toys are a favorite with many parents that want to find simple, eco-friendly holiday gifts. This is because of the good price, the quality of the wooden models and the range of fun options. 2016 brings a selection of attractive new models for young children to play with.

The ride on the bike and balance tricycles are perfect for toddlers that want a little more freedom of movement in a safe, attractive model. The Bird Percussion models are also attractive. These shapes of the owl, peacock, and parrot are great to look at and feel. The moving wings also made an appealing sound.

2) Green Toys Models

Green Toys models are a bit of a step up from the wooden model of Plan. The plan offers the cute wooden fire truck for babies. This is the more detailed, functional fire truck for toddlers. These holiday gifts are sure to capture imaginations with their moving parts, such as the pivoting ladder on the fire truck.

They are also packaged with environmentally-friendly packaging and 100% recyclable. Other models in this Green Toy range of holiday toys are the dump truck, school bus, and recycling truck. The latter is even better at teaching a green message to kids at a young age.

3) Artterro Eco Art Sets

Bio Friendly Safe Toys

All kids love to unleash their creativity with some paper and paint and sit around the table – or on the wall. This means that many will love the chance to play with new materials and create new projects. These holiday gifts are Artterro gift sets that provide lots of great tools and materials for creating a masterpiece.

There are kits for making books, dolls, jewelry, and lots of other crafts. The Outdoor art set is perfect for families that want to go outside and get closer to nature. It includes a kit for crafting different types of bugs and a bubble wand kit.

4) North American Bear Company Dolls

These holiday gifts are a must for any young girl – or boy for that matter – that want a fun, plush playmate. There are many various characters to choose from. All of them have a great look with fabric costumes and friendly expressions. One of the highlights in this range is the Little Red Riding Hood doll that brings the storybook to life.

She comes with three finger puppets of the wolf, hunter, and grandma so kids can act out the tale. Other cute characters in this storybook range include Goldilocks, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Cinderella.

5) The Ergobaby Original Doll Carrier

Eco friendly Doll

Kids that receive one of these eco-friendly dolls with their holiday gifts will also love this doll carrier. Kids love to play at being the mom to their dolls in every way possible. This toy means a more modern, convenient way of transporting them than pushing around a stroller all the time.

This Ergobaby product is essentially a scaled down of the “real” thing so girls can copy their parents. It uses the same cotton and canvas materials and has to pad in all the right places for comfort. This realism and quality mean that children can be engaged for longer.

6) 4M’s Series Of Green Science Holiday Gifts

Finally, we come to holiday gifts for the slightly older children that are just starting to get interested in science. The 4M series of science kits aim to capture kids’ interest on a range of topics. There are weather stations, rockets, grow-your-own-maze kits and much more.

These kits are a fun way to help children learn about the world from their bedroom. They have a lot of parts and are quite the project, but they are engaging and rewarding. They are eco-friendly for two key reasons. First, the sets often have a green theme, such as growing plants and looking at climate change. Second, the company uses recycled materials.

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