The Best Materials For Non-Toxic Tableware For Children

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Eco-Friendly Home Appliances: Non-Toxic Tableware

The ability to buy non-toxic tableware for children is something that is very important for parents these days. There are too many fear stories about the hidden chemicals within plastic and other materials that we use on a daily basis. This becomes an even bigger matter when we think about the plastic plates that our children are eating from.

Then there are the plastic bottles with their milk and juice. What once a wonderful convenience and money-saver for parents are now rightly demonized. The good news is that it now is possible to find safer alternatives. It is all about looking at alternative materials.

Search For Different Types Of Materials In Non-Toxic Tableware And Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The key to finding safe tableware for children is about a lack of chemicals within the materials. Ideally, we want no harmful substances that can leach out and cause harm through contact. The biggest concern is that these items will contain BPAs.

This means that you should always look for products that use plastics that are completely Bpa-free. An even better alternative is to go for an entirely different option. The following examples are items of tableware for kids in materials that you may not have considered before.

Stainless Steel Non-Toxic Tableware

Bio Friendly Tableware

Stainless steel is immediately appealing for its lack of chemicals and its durability. Kids can throw this material around, take it on trips out and use it countless times. The best examples are even passed down the family with no health fears.

Parents would not do that with a plastic bottle for fears over wear and hygiene. Stainless steel has its advantages, but it is not the most obvious look for child-friendly designs. This is best used in families that favor practicality over cute designs.

The Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle is a great example of a safe piece of non-toxic tableware with an interesting approach. This stainless steel bottle is durable, easy to clean and practical. The company uses different caps to fit different bottle types to aid with transitions and improve options. An interesting benefit with the baby bottle is that there is a separate lid that fits on top to turn it into a snack container.

Ceramic Non-Toxic Tableware

Some parents may not like the idea of ceramic dinnerware for their kids because of the risk of breakages. Plastic plates were always popular because kids can throw them on the floor and they would bounce. Ceramic just seems a little too nice and expensive to be worth the risk. The benefit, however, is that ceramic is much safer to eat from. They can also have designs that are much more attractive.

Emerson Creek is one of those modern companies going against the use of plastic entirely. They are embracing ceramic as a way of avoiding the dangers of plastic. These ceramic plates are some of the most attractive options in non-toxic tableware for children. They are free from chemicals and are hand-painted with attractive designs. This company also allow for personalization for that extra touch.

 Bamboo Non-Toxic Tableware

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Bamboo is a material that many parents will not have considered because it is still something of a rarity. Intelligent designers are now creating items that look like wooden models out of this smooth, hygienic, eco-friendly material. It is one to see and feel to get a taste for. Soon more and more companies are sure to be following suit.

Bambu KIDS is a great place to start with their bamboo utensils. The fork and spoon in bamboo are nice to hold, soft to the touch and carved into toddler-friendly shapes. Some even have cute characters carved in. This carving is not going to wear away like the surface of a plastic plate with your favorite Disney character. The products from this organization are also free from dyes and chemicals.

Finally, There Are Other Plastics If These Materials Are Just Too Strange

Some companies create non-toxic tableware from plastic. This means plastic that is CPSIA-compliant, with non-toxic inks, and no BPA, phthalates, PVC, and lead. Smiling Planet fits this bill and offers plates and bowls that are also 100% recycled and dishwasher safe. Some of the designs are pretty out there. However, they are a great alternative for parents that prefer the feel and durability of plastic.

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