Cleaning Your Pool The Bio Friendly Way


The combination of the use of green products and eco-friendly pool cleaning practices has played a role in improving our planet. According to a survey that was carried on over 1000 individuals by Penn Schoen Berland Associates; a marketing research firm that focuses its studies on the green economy, it was found out that in 2008 Americans spent about $500 billion on sustainable products and services.

The booming market for eco-friendly products allows retailers of energy efficient pool cleaners and pool sanitizing products to improve our environment. Currently, pool owners have several options for reducing carbon footprint in swimming pool water to ensure that it is safe and swimable.

James Robyn’s BioNova swimming pools are the truly green natural swimming pools. These vessels as Robyn calls them are all natural swimming pools which do not contain chemicals such as biguanide, bromide or chlorine.

James Robyn’s BioNova swimming pools

Robyn’s swimming pools also do not use devices such as ionizers, UV sterilizers, salt systems or ozone. They provide a way of saving on resources that one can use in making and application of sanitizers by simply avoiding them.

Robyn says that the swimming pools are not sanitized since they have no intention of killing the bacteria. Robyn further states that the BioNova ponds are a copycat of a natural wetland.

He also says “human have continued to exist and evolved drinking fresh water from a wetland that has naturally purified by Mother Nature. However, we are not trying to imply that you can drink water from the swimming pools but it safe for swimming and bathing. Since the ponds are full of good bacteria, it makes it difficult for the existence of harmful bacteria since harmful and good bacteria cannot co-exist.”

The natural swimming pools can be constructed in various unlimited designs according to Robyn who says “you can design your swimming pool to look like a formal swimming pool or make it look like a natural pond. Also, the regeneration zone can be designed as a natural pond or like a formal water garden.

Mother Nature is not affected by the shape we contain her. Provided that every aspect that she needs to purify and clarify water is available, everything will work out perfectly.

When designing a natural swimming pool one of the major factors you need to consider is space since it has to be enough to accommodate the swimming area as well as the regeneration area where both accommodate equal space.

Robyn also give the following elaboration to help us understand what happens in in these natural swimming ponds “ The ponds comprise of different water zones which include shallow, middle and deep water zones.

Each and every of these zones has plants which help to clean the pond as well as creating an ideal environment for the existence of microorganism. These plants are bedded in special aggregates and gravels. Then water from swimming area is pumped passing it through these zones so that the healthy microorganisms and other life forms that help to purify pool water can become permanently embedded in the water.

The biological process of cleaning the pool water involves the use of plants together with the patented natural biological filtration and a hydraulic system. The surface water in the pool also has to be cleaned using overflows gutters and skimmers.”

Robyn also adds “since green swimming ponds do not contain chemicals and filtration flow rates are lower than the ordinary chemical pool, they have a lower carbon footprint. This also leads low energy consumption. We are also in the process of designing sustainable ecosystem to improve in resources consumption.”

The USA has not yet embraced water quality standards for these green pools, but Europe has already adopted them whereby there are several public swimming ponds.

Robyn also meets the European standards which set bacteria to count parameters. However, Robyn who intends to convert the traditional chemical pools in Edmonton, Alberta in a green swimming pool claims that the European standards are very stringent.

Although many potential pool owners may be reluctant to building a green pool due to space constraints, they are still interested in maintaining low carbon footprint in their swimming pools. However, the owner of Tempool in Jacksonville Jon Temple encourages pool builders and potential clients to use ozone since no chemicals involved.

Temple also says that previously running a pool pump for 8 to 10 hours a day required to be backed up by sanitizers since ozone could not stand by itself. However, these days there is an option of using multiple pumps which are energy efficient and can run for 24 hours as well as create a better situation for ozone.

Temple also advises that it is wise to always have a standby salt chlorine generator for back up. But he insists that if you have to use chlorine you need to use small quantity about 1 ppm.

Temple says by doing this; you will sanitize your pool water and keep it more natural as well. Using low chlorine levels will lead to few by-products and less dissolved solids in your pool water. This also minimizes scaling since you will have low pH or few dissolved solids which normally go into scaling form and pool staining.

Natural Swimming Pool

If your pool is already stained, you can remove the stains using muriatic acid which has low alkalinity and low pH. Then you will have to clean all those residues and dump them the fill in the pool with fresh water. That is a lot of work that you can avoid. Salt chlorine generators can be great sanitizers but if only you use less amount of chlorine salt.

The president of Miami Based Aquatic Consultant Brian Van Bower who is also the founder of Genesis 3 Design Group supports the combination of these two forms of sanitization.

He states that ozone and chlorine generators have been used for a long period and they have been proven to be big proponents. He says “combining the two forms of sanitization is preferred because it improves water quality and makes you feel as if you are swimming in sanitizer free water.

According to the feedback, we get from clients they claim that the water feels soft, does not corrode the body and it is also eye friendly.”

Bower also states that the other advantage of using chlorine salt system with ozone is that it extends the economic life of the large ones for better water quality.

Bower says that salt systems should be utilized as a basic form of sanitization while ozone should be used to help in reducing the amount of chlorine need to be used. However, he does not use salt systems in his indoors pool since he claims that ozone works well in the absence of sunlight reducing chemical levels in your water.

He says he uses a large commercial ozone system in the indoors pools together with small bromide feeder or chlorine generator for back up.

Whichever ways you adopt in reducing carbon footprint whether you install or service the swimming pools a client will notice, and the potential clients who want to maintain a natural swimming pool will look up to you.

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