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If you’re anything like us, you’re in a constant tug-o-war with the gift-giving dilemma. We like to send an acknowledgment and show support, but we also want to avoid giving yet another item that will find itself in the wastebasket or donation pile weeks or months afterward.

While the key to much of our emission and waste reduction can only be consuming smarter, consuming less can be a step in the right direction. The sentiment behind a present is precisely what we focus on. And thinking about the effects of gifts long before and then the first box opening can make that idea all the more appreciated. Bearing this in mind, the celebratory time of gift-giving may be a chance to share some of those great feels that include better-for-the-world products.

And so we want to equip you with beautifully sustainable and eco-friendly gifts that can allow you to show your family members, friends, and coworkers you care about them and the Earth. Our listing of environmentally friendly gifts and items will hopefully lead you to the ideal gift that will make the receiver excited to see your name in their mailbox.

Happy earth-friendly gifting!

Eco-Friendly Gifts for your Eco-Conscious Gifters!

Fantastic Business’s Stone Notebook–(Under $25)


If journaling, writing, or doodling is a pastime of your giftee, look no farther than A Good Company.

A Good Company has provided the way to conscious consumerism, prioritizing environmental responsibility in product development, and offering an excellent alternative to Amazon.

And like they say, they don’t compromise between sustainability and design. Their laptops have a clean, crisp layout, and it is made from recycled rock making for a uniquely smooth writing experience.

In addition to their beautiful new laptop (that you can also personalize ), your giftee will be wowed by the clean, climate positive, and soft packaging all of it comes in. Their new laptop is also a gateway to revel in a brand new, sustainable, and beautifully designed phone case or some of their other incredible products.

If you have a genuine writer and friend of humankind on your gift list, Have a look at A fantastic Company’s Humanium Metal Pen, made of melted-down illegal firearms, with 25 percent of the sale going to projects tackling violence in El Salvador. The pencil is mightier than the sword.

AllBirds — (Under $100)


Have you Heard of Allbirds? Of course, you have.  Allbirds exploded on the shoe arena, and for a good reason.

Underplayed but, is AllBirds’ leadership as a sustainable and responsible organization. A Certified B Corporation, AllBirds went entirely carbon neutral in 2019. Of course, their materials have been intentionally and knowingly sourced and used from beginning to finish. You can get the complete lowdown on their sustainability and fashion in our Allbirds review!

On their site, you’ve read ‘Our sheep live the great life,’ and their fun, comfortable, and lively branding matches all of the feel-good walks that they have in store for you. Simultaneously, their packaging consists of 90% recycled cardboard, giving out every box there another chance.

There are lots to enjoy about AllBirds, which doesn’t even begin to touch on how much your loved one will love you when you present them a pair!

Deco Gold Necklace from Made Trade — (Under $85)


Made Trade is an ethical organization that brings excellent artisan work into our houses and our wardrobe. One of our faves? The geometric necklace by L.Greenwalt Jewelry, handmade in Portland, Oregon, from around 85% recycled gold. Prefer silver? All sterling silver used is recycled or is sustainability sourced!

In addition to using mainly recycled metals, L.Greenwalt uses biodegradable materials to reuse all scraps.

Added Bonus: All L. Greenwalt’s castings are produced by hand using a vegan carving wax and are throw in a women-owned casting studio! With two chain length choices, you can not fail!

Klean Kanteen Cocktail Set– (under $100)


Of Course, Klean Kanteen is most likely best known it is the line of insulated bottles, but let us not forget, they’re in the company of clearing the world of single-use plastic. And they tackle this issue from every angle, including the high brow art of the craft cocktail.

This set allows any cocktail enthusiast to appreciate their cold or hot beverages without killing the world… or their buzz. They can take it along to the tailgate, picnic, or another camping trip! It features an insulated thermos with a pour-through cap and cup, two insulated tumblers, and a 4-pack of steel cups for sharing!

Get This gift set and several others at

Salmon Upcycled Leather Slippers–(Under $90)


These comfy slippers by Chile are handmade by women artisans who can work right in their houses in Patagonia’s rural regions, where their families have lived for generations.

They are made from vegetable-tanned salmon leather and locally-sourced sheep’s wool. That’s sourced by a would-be-wasted by-product of the fishing industry there.

With time, they will perfectly mold to your giftee’s feet, making them the most comfortable slippers around for women and men alike. They’re made to last and come with a repair kit and remember you are wearing slippers only when you are already in the mailbox.

You’ll indeed be wanting to get a pair of these slippers on your own also!

Tablas Creek Wine — ($25-$240)


We’ve got fantastic news for you winos out there! Wine can help preserve climate change…if it is done correctly, that is! What is wine done right? A wine that utilizes grapes that were grown regeneratively.

Tablas Creek is the foremost Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) winery. They use all kinds of regenerative viticulture methods that genuinely help sequester carbon dioxide in the air and put it back in the soil. Regeneratively created wines like Tablas can also improve water retention and soil health to curb erosion and protect against severe weather such as floods and droughts.

Tablas Creek uses local yeast strains in Paso Robles, CA, providing their wines a rich, unique taste. They make a wine for every palette and extend holiday gift packages also! Sign up for a membership to get amazing discounts on their exquisite wines!

From a single jar to a gift basket to a subscription, Tablas has everything you want. You really can not go wrong. Asking your friend to enjoy wine for the sake of the world will get you pumped up for their top 8 friends list ensured.

Tentree Seed Cards–(10 for $30)


Sometimes a thoughtful card may be the most significant part of the present! That is why we love saving our family and friends’ messages to commemorate every event in our lives.

The reality, though, is that those cards finally either end up in the recycling bin or a bag in our living room cupboard and then later into the recycling bin.

We admire them, but we can keep moving with dozens of cards in the last decade! And obviously, we are not the only ones with luggage-full of cards: 2.5 million trees are cut down annually to create greeting cards.

That’s why we love ten trees of seed cards. Tentree designs these cards from recycled post-consumer paper, and the giftee can plant the card after they have enjoyed your message. It’s a terrific reminder of your party that will grow with time!

We love these for all of our family and friends. These cards are very easy to plant–you soak the card, cover it lightly with soil, and water it, and you will see sprouts within a couple of days!

Oh yes, and one tree will be planted on behalf of the card receiver. Tentree’s seed card makes for one of the greatest eco-friendly gifts we could consider!

Stasher Bags ($10 — $50)

Down with Ziploc! Revolutionize food storage!  Stasher will help a buddy not bother about dirty plastic bags in their sink faucet anymore because they’re dishwasher safe.

They’re a staple for anybody interested in zero waste, sustainable living, or snack puckery.  And these puppies aren’t only for the pantry.

Yes, they are terrific for bin fries (or candies…) and as go-to create bags on your refrigerator, but they could also be snack bags, sandwich bags, or freezer bags for lunch sacks. They can even venture into your handbag or gym bag, making sure that your must-haves are always within reach.

Stasher is one of these gifts we wanted to get for a long time but did not wish to invest in. Sometimes you want that extra little push to step into something useful. And by gifting a starter kit of this Stasher lineup, you will be opening the door for your friend to live more sustainably in most things baggie-related.

Countertop Compost Collector–($20)


This Full Circle Compost Collector goes perfectly in the refrigerator, freezer, or counter and is intended to decrease odor and prevent a drastic kitchen fly takeover. This is an outstanding compost collection solution from an excellent company!

Plus, if you are a Bokashi composter, the lid is the best approach to compact your fermented compostables in the container!

This is a fantastic gift that will keep its usage after delivery. Not only does it remains useful, but it paves the way to learning a ton about food waste and sustainability=, and it promotes great gardening since it can create fertilizer so incredible, your giftee is the most famous gardener around the block!

Tentree Reusable Shopping Bag–($20)


Skip the wasteful gift boxes and wrapping and set your gifts within a reusable tote bag!

Once again, tentree delivers! Not only will these bags reduce plastic bag pollution; however, tentree also plants TEN TREES whenever an item is purchased! They intend to plant 1 BILLION trees by 2030. Help them reach their objective!

These reusable grocery bags are made from organic cotton. They’re durable and fold easy, while also retaining that classic bag look we all know and love.

Reusable Final Straw– ($11- $20)

Did you know Americans use 500 million straws every single day? Maybe you felt everyone was on board with no straw motion? Wrongo bongo! So, given how plastic contamination affects people, each straw spared is a triumph for us all.

Final is dedicated to offering a solution away from plastic straws with their stainless steel reusable and collapsible silicone straws. All of their straws are BPA-free and dishwasher safe! Additionally, all Final containers are made from 100% Nominal recycled plastic.

The problem with reusable straws is that people always end up forgetting them…so uh, not much use there. Though Final features straw cases and a carabiner so you can store and protect your straw and easily attach it to your keys! That way, if you are outside, you always have it on you!

Another thing we like about these especially is that their silicone tip. These avoid all steel-to-teeth battle common with metal straws. Buu these stainless steel reusable straws for that friend who loves the sea and the world as much as you can.

Natural Everything Balm by All Good’s –(Under $15)

If you think someone may be disappointed receiving a pair of lip balm, why are people continually sneaking them!?! Folks turn into sharks around a fantastic lip balm. Save your friend or relative from being the one asking, “Hey, have you got any chapstick?” (No! Get your own.)

This makes All Good’s Goop a fantastic Christmas gift. It’s skincare. From chapped lips to dry climbers’ hands to itching bug bites, we put this stuff on everything, making it a remarkable improvement as goodie bags, stocking stuffers, gift baskets, care packages, or the main course.

Started by the reluctant entrepreneur Caroline Duell, All Good Goop was a hit right from the Gate for many adventurers. Made with olive oil, natural beeswax, and soothing herbs, you can not go wrong with this balm.

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