How To Switch To Eco-Friendly Appliances In Your Home


To keep using what you have is an environmentally conscious way of thinking however, it does not apply to home appliances. Older appliances use more energy and water than newer appliances. Donate ineffective appliances to individuals for whom they are an improvement (or recycle them) and find Energy Star-certified substitutes.

The U.S. Department of Energy now wants producers of major home appliances to have their products tested for energy efficiency. The test’s outcome is displayed on yellow-and-black EnergyGuide labels, which record how much power the appliance takes and what the yearly operating costs may be.

Appliances with EnergyGuide results in the top 25% are awarded the Energy Star label. Devices that have received an Energy Star rating may cost more than those that have not. Still, you’ll recoup that extra money through lower electricity bills down the line. In many places, there are rebates available for people that purchase Energy Star-rated appliances.

Refrigerators are the primary energy users in kitchens try to keep down them in size and number. Avoid adding specific refrigeration systems for wine or for cold drinks for the kids upstairs or in the playroom, as every unit consumes lots of electricity.

It is far better to find a big main refrigerator than a couple of smaller ones if you need more refrigeration space. Also, stay away from through-the-door water dispensers and ice makers, as they need more energy.

Clothes washers that have obtained the Energy Star label cut Water and Energy consumption by over 40% compared with conventional washers. With no central agitator, they achieve mainly by rubbing and spinning clothes using a little volume of water and by spinning wet clothes till the time that they require a shorter time in the dryer.

Generally, clothes dryers are not Energy Star rated, as the models are all pretty much the same. Still, you can decrease energy use by line-drying your clothes as much as possible.

When contractor Iris Harrell renovated her home, she built a big laundry room with much space to hang and lay clothes out for drying. “Now that we have space to line-dry, we use the dryer only for towels and sheets,” she says.

Dishwashers, which are Energy Star rated use minimum 41 percent less energy as compared to a federal minimum standard, as per Department of Energy. They also use water, and the water they do use does not have to be hot. Raise your energy savings by running just full loads and letting the dishes air-dry instead of using the drying option of the machine. Used properly, an Energy Star–rated dishwasher requires less water than hand-washing your own meals.

Cooking appliances, such as ranges, ovens, and cooktops, can be found in electric or gas models. Gas cooktops consume less energy than electric ones, but they do release carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide into the air.

Because of this, a stove or gas cooktop should have a hood ventilated to the exterior of the home. Ovens, whether electric or gas, should be used when a toaster or microwave oven won’t perform the job.

It takes considerably more power to heat up the oven for a frozen burrito than it takes to place the food in the microwave for five minutes. Use the oven only for cooking big meals or baking.

Buying Tips For Eco-Friendly Appliances

Go through the information on Eco-friendly appliances and energy savings with our buying guidelines. We assist you in choosing appliances that will decrease your energy bills and help save the environment with these thoughts for eco-friendly picks.

Things To Know

There’s a lot to know when you move out purchase appliances. You need to determine whether you need a gas, induction or electric stove, energy star rated devices or higher efficiency washing machine, let us assist you in selecting the right appliance for you.

Energy Star Dishwasher

Energy Star dishwashers make your dishes super clean, all while utilizing less energy and water. Choose an Energy Star dishwasher to save water, reduce your electricity bills, and protect the environment.

Dishwasher Drawers

Dishwasher drawers are excellent for small homes that house one or two people. Drawers are perfect for running small loads once or twice a day. Plus, most models are extremely quiet, making it effortless to do the dishes while you sleep.

Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops heat up in a while, making them the best addition to getting a bustling kitchen. Their way of the heating system allows water to boil more quickly and also releases less heat than ordinary stovetops.

Cooktop For Fast Bowling

If you do not like the look of induction cooktops, think about installing a cooktop equipped with a fast-boiling feature. Choose a cooktop instead of a normal range to create additional storage space under the stove.

Energy Star Refrigerator

Energy Star fridges offer the ideal balance between style and functionality. Opt for an Energy Star model to decrease your energy bills and protect the environment. French-door models make items easily accessible to all people.

Refrigerator With High Design and Low Power Use

The triple-pane glass door of this refrigerator makes it easy to monitor food supplies. This version also boasts crisper drawers, icemaker, and a large freezer section. Yet, it draws less energy than a light bulb uses.

Energy Star Washing Machine

The average American home uses thousands of gallons of water annually, and doing laundry takes up a huge chunk of that use. By buying an Energy Star washer and dryer, you can slash on your energy and water bills. Having a government seal of approval, you can be assured that they’ll be effective.

High-Efficiency Washer and Dryer

The big-size capacity of many high-efficiency (HE) washers makes them perfect additions for busy homes. Many high-efficiency washer models come equipped with a sanitary cycle that kills bacteria. The dryers usually come with steam functions, which efficiently and quickly lift wrinkles out of clothing.

Small-Sized Appliances

Unlike their size, small appliances are a big part of a kitchen. Use this guide to discover appliances that will fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your distance.

Cold Bubbles

Samsung incorporates two eco-friendly technologies: eco-bubble, a Bubble generation system where soap enters the fabric’s fibers without using warm water, and the Digital Inverter Motor that saves 40% of electricity compared with a conventional motor.

Courtesy: Samsung

HP Latex Printers

HP Latex printers comprise ink made of pigment particles and synthetic polymer particles. They are eco-friendly since they don’t produce harmful emissions for the ozone layer, and they do not contain volatile organic compounds.

Courtesy: HP


Air conditioning systems produced by Samsung use Energy-saving Digital Inverter technology, managing the desired temperature for extended periods without needing to switch it on and off frequently, so it consumes less power.

Non-Leaking Screens

If you plan to buy a computer screen, get one with LG’s In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology. These have an LCD panel composed of crystals that prevent leakage and loss of lighting, phenomena which degrade picture quality, and the definition of colors. Moreover, it saves a good deal of energy.

Courtesy: LG

Microwaves That Save Energy

Daewoo Microwaves feature Zer-On technology (Zero energy intakes). In standby mode, if the oven isn’t used for ten minutes, then it will automatically enter the Zero saving mode. And despite being attached to the power outlet, it won’t require electricity.

Courtesy: Daewoo

Smart Headsets

The Xperia Ear is a smart headset for hands-free communication. You may read your emails, receive and make calls, among other functions. And the best thing is it is produced from SORPLAS, recycled plastic from Sony.

Courtesy: Sony Xperia

Clean Refrigeration

Refrigerators from major brands consume less energy thanks to the Digital Inverter Compressor, a system that varies its revolutions based on the requirement of temperature. Additionally, refrigeration works with R600a and ecological gas that reduces environmental harm.

Green Projector

Epson Projectors have characteristics that help decrease energy consumption. Eco-mode, for example, reduces fan sound and brightness, thereby saving energy and extending the lamp’s life span.

Courtesy: EPSON 

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