Which DNA Ancestry Test Is Best For Families?

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If you want to get a clear understanding of your family lineage, DNA test is the best way to go. Some people may think that they do not have many, but the truth is that there are plenty of them out there. Some people also lack knowledge about their ancestry, and they rely on stories passed through generations.

The oral history of your ancestry is not reliable, and it can give you a false impression that you belong to another race. With a DNA test, you get accurate information about your ancestry. You can also build a family tree to find other distant relatives that you never knew existed.

There are three different types of DNA testing one should research and MyFamilyDNATest recent comparison of Ancestry, FTDNA and 23AndMe is a great resource. These types of DNA tests have different characteristics, but they can help you get the right genetic information about your ancestry.

For instance, they maintain massive databases for millions of DNA sets that allow you to find new relatives. They also use similar testing methods, and their prices are within the same range among other factors.  

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The company uses a sample of saliva to perform a DNA testing about your ancestry. The 23AndMe DNA test gives you information about your maternal and paternal lineages that date back centuries. You can also use the test to trace your roots beyond the oral information you get from either parents or grandparents.

23AndMe has a database of over a million people, and it is one of the best services that you can use for building a family tree. The test can also help you to find out if you have Neanderthal DNA. The facility can also help you to discover your relatives who live in other continents away from your city.


If you like to discover your right ethnicity and build a comprehensive family tree, AncestryDNA is the best choice for you. The company is one of the biggest, and it offers a variety of ancestry DNA tests.

AncestryDNA can help you discover relatives that are entirely unknown to your family history. Their database consists of over 80 million family trees, and this can make it easy and fast to find people with a DNA connection.

The company has in-depth information about DNA test results for over five million people. It allows you to dig deeper into your family history than any other service. The ancestry testing services by AncestryDNA testing cover 26 regions and ethnicities.

The ethnicities include Polynesian, Native American, three Asian and nine African ones. No matter how you think your DNA composition is unique, AncestryDNA can break it down. It can then be able to identify each ethnicity and somehow, there are links between different ethnicities.

The main difference between 23andMe and AncestryDNA is that 23andMe can trace both paternal and maternal lineages. However, AncestryDNA does not since it mainly focuses on issues to do with ethnicities.

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)

FTDNA primarily focuses on providing family matching tools that are not offered by other service providers. The DNA testing services are comprehensive and ideal for people with interest in finding where they came from.

Individuals can also use the service to discover if they have any unknown relatives. Genealogists also find the FTDNA data useful in their profession.

The family finder is FTDNA’s most popular package that helps people to discover their ethnicity. It also allows people to create whole family trees from the company’s database of more about one million records.

The family finder tool can help you discover your grandparents dating back to about five generations back. Many people rely on oral information they get from their parents, but it is not always reliable.

The other notable aspect about FTDNA is that it can also perform both maternal and paternal DNA tests. These particular tests can help you trace your lineage either using the maternal route of fatherly way. On a different note, AncestryDNA does not provide this kind of analysis.

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Prices And DNA Test Options

Before you decide to go for DNA testing, you should know precisely the goal of getting tested. These companies specialize in different niches hence you may visit the wrong company. Their prices are generally affordable, but you also need to understand the differences between them.

23andMe Testing Options And Prices

23andMe offers ancestry health and ancestry testing packages to people in the US, and these cost $199 altogether. International customers only have one ancestry testing package available, and it costs $99. From time to time, the company runs discounts and specials, and you should also remember that it charges additional shipping costs.

You still get genetic data that you can send to FTDNA for comprehensive health analysis. The DNA ancestry test helps you to learn more details about the makeup of your ethnicity. The test also helps you to trace your paternal and maternal lineage. 23andMe’s DNA Relatives tool also helps you to find relatives in distant areas.

AncestryDNA Testing Options And Pricing

The single DNA testing package currently costs $79, but the retail price is $99. You should also note that AncestryDNA charges shipping fees and these mainly depend on the region where you are based.

The DNA test aims explicitly to find the regions and ethnicities where your ancestors came from. Customers also get a chance to connect with other relatives that are in the company’s massive database.

Ancestry DNA does not offer lineage tracing services like FTDNA and 23andMe. If you only want to discover about living but distant cousins, you can use AncestryDNA. You can also use its services to find the part of the globe with links to your DNA.

 Family TreeDNA Testing Options And Prices

FTDNA offers a variety of packages, and you need to go through them to get the best deal. The choice of the package depends on the kind of information that you want to find. There are mainly three packages that include Family finder, maternal DNA and paternal DNA.

Family Finder is the most popular and basic package that costs $89. This package enables you to discover the ethnicity makeup of your ancestors. You also get information relating to the origins of your ancestors and how they migrated to different areas.

The information helps you to create a connection with the people who may share your family history. The family finder package has a tool called ancient origins that allows you to dig deep into the history of your ancestors. It uses DNA collected from different archeological sites to compare it with your DNA.

If there is any match found, the tool can also trace how your ancestors lived and migrated over time. The tool for determining your family can also help you to narrow your search of relatives by sorting those with the highest connection with you. The other two packages include maternal DNA which costs $199 and paternal DNA which costs $169. The tests are for both females and males

However, apart from these three basic DNA testing packages, FTDNA also offers other additional packages that allow you to trace your lineage. Here are the different packages offered by FTDNA:

    • Family Finder + Y-37 – This is for males only, and it includes paternal ancestry test. The service costs $198, but the regular price is $258.
    • Family Finder + Y-67 – the service includes a 67 market paternal ancestry test, and it is for males only. The service costs $337, and the price is quite high.
    • Family Finder + still Sequence – This package costs $218, but its regular price is $288. The package is for both males and females, and it includes a maternal lineage test.
    • Family Finder + Y-67 + still Sequence – The package is for males only, and it includes the most comprehensive test. It combines all tests into one package that costs $430 while the regular price is $556.


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